In July 2014 we imposed a keep net ban as a precaution as reports were being received that the disease KHV was in Essex.  At no time was the Moat or Kennel Lane infected, this was simply a precaution. We have now taken the same steps this year (2015) and imposed a keep net ban on both waters.  These precautions have been supported by the EA and CEFAS who complimented the club on its quick action.

The recent loss of carp at Kennel Lane was not a result of KHV, SPV or any other disease. The EA and CEFAS have visited the fishery and both the water and the fish are clean.  The deaths, mainly mirror carp were a result of a rise in temperature which caused an increase in sexually activity to spawn again.

To help keep our waters clean please ensure your landing nets and un-hooking mats are completely  dry between sessions. Prevention is better than cure!  The keep net ban will remain until advised with the exception of any official matches as all nets will then be examined by the Match Secretary on the day of the match.